We, “ in our small way”

would like to give You #Emotions#..

#Proposing interesting Events,

#Suggesting angles of sea and beautiful sunshine,

#Discovering places and small hidden treasures..

MTB CAPOLIVERI LEGEND CUP 2017 - From 12.05 to 20.05

Enjoy the first rays of sun as the announcement of warm emotional moments..”

Take Your chance: book your stay in our hotel, special offers for 2 nights!
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.. find the time to leave it all behind.. try to walk free, make your mind wander and discover colors and scents never experienced before..”

The Etrusco Hotel takes part to the Walking festival 2015.
Ask for the program, and enjoy yourself with the many excursions proposed by the Park of the Tuscan Archipelago.
Stay at our hotel, we will make special offers customised for you!
At your disposal paper material and detailed maps.
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THE 27th JOGGING AROUND ELBA 2017 - from 15.05 to 21.05

.. When body, eyes and mind will be in full harmony.. and the failure will leave the place only to the simple pleasure of being there..”

Exciting “walking” Event around the whole Island! The third race will start on 18th May from Rio nell'Elba ... and for that time .. For all participiants special discounts!


vWe suggest trips to the beautiful islands of Pianosa, Capraia and Montecristo ..

During the summer season, starting for some of these directly from the port of Rio Marina, it will be a pleasant experience to discover the beauty of a natural and unpolluted sea, and with the possibility spending the whole day on the white sands of their beaches, or doing sports like snorkeling.
An expert guide will accompany you throughout the trip.
It's possible to book trips directly in the hotel.


vWe suggest a visit at “L'Orto dei Semplici Elbano”, at the Hermitage of Santa Caterina in the center of Rio nell'Elba.

vPercorrendo il sentiero dell'Acquvivola, l'antica viabilità pedonale che conduceva gli abitanti al celebre santuario di epoca romanica, attraversando le campagne dai mille colori e profumi lungo i fianchi del Monte Strega.. arrivate all'orto botanico sul Monte Serra... Un angolo nascosto di fiori e piante antiche, di silenzio e di meditazione.. Alla scoperta di ciò che ci circonda, di atmosfere passate e di emozioni mai svelate..

For any information on schedules, opening times and bookings for tours you can contact us directly.