Il nostro piccolo tour delle spiagge

Small pearls of The Elba Island

There are many aspects that characterize the whole Island…. The blue sky, the warm clima, the pleasant atmosphere, the crystalline sea and its bays… but unique and particular are the elements that distinguish the all area of Rio Marina… these small pearls, born in the mining heart of Elba, and for this, more and more precious.. the beaches…..

Rio Marina, offers a vast choice of beaches of the Island, considering its favourable position to go along an huge way of the eastern coast.

This beautiful and wild strip of land could be reached by suggestive trucks in the green Mediterranean vegetation, and in the case of bays with steep reefs…only by sea..

Starting to go along the coast from the South to the North, from the borderland of Porto Azzurro to Portoferraio village, we meet the first beach: Capo d’Arco, a white and fine gravel beach, sheltered by a small gulf, and surrounded by smooth rocks.

We can reach it, taking a private truck. Going on along it, we meet the Ortano beach, easy to reach simply following the direction for Rio nell’Elba. This little creek, framed among the ruins of an old mine, preserves its natural beauty; andsurrounded by the green vegetation and the reefs, it extends as far as the pretty bays of the opposite islets, that we can reach swimming!! The huge sandy shore is right perfect for those persons who love comforts, and the crystalline clear sea permits the seawatching.

Reaching the village, and following the directions for the “via panoramica” of Rio Marina, from the cliff to the sea and of a great attraction, we arrive to the beautiful beaches ofIl Porticciolo, of Luisi d’Angelo and of Marina di Gennaro, hidden in a nice gulf by stratified rocks, where all around, there are natural reefs and plants, that creates shades and quiet atmosphere.

Suggested for seawatching.

All the beaches around Rio Marina and Cavo, ( some of those could be reached only by sea, as Vigneria beach) are particularly interesting for their mining conformation; they are characterized by a particular black-reddish shining and bright colour, because ofmany iron-ores and haematites that everyone can find…!!

Still natural and wild mining bays, are the Topinetti and Cala Seregola beaches, not so far one from the other (the latter is equipped with a little snack-bar and parking), that we can reach through the road that from Rio Marina leads to Cavo. These beaches were born, where many years before there were old mines, and for this they preserve an unreal and fascinating atmosphere.

The area is very wind, right perfect for the persons found of windsurf..

A nice sandy shore is also Cala dell’alga , near Cavo, where we can have beautiful and fascinating sights on the sea landscape. We can reach it, walking through a narrow truck, which starts from Capo Castello; the beach is not so well equipped, and it’s preferred by those persons who are really interested on the geological and natural conformations and on the snorkelling activity.

Going on by trekking course from Cavo, we arrive at Cala Lentisco and Cala Mandriola, small bays surrounded by reefs in the Mediterranean vegetation, particulars especially for their sounding-dephts.

…If after you have visited all these enchanting beaches, you will desire still the sea… then you could go to Nisporto, Capoliveri and Porto Azzurro, and others wonderful and natural bays with sand and reefs will wait just for you….!!