Our Cuisines

nostra cucina hotel etrusco

“So was born our cuisine..”

made of unique recipes and sought, that with a” Touch of Creativity and Inspiration”
differ in colors, scents and flavors that every dish exudes ..

It's a mix of Sea and Land,
natural and sometimes experimental,
just a rich combination of gourmet ingredients which, linked together represent

fragments of Isle far and wide

an expression of everything that a land so wonderfully generous to offer .

What We suggest during your stay is a gastronomic journey ..

a journey full of flavor, the discovery of typical “ riese” culinary , coupled with creativity and imagination of an authentic cuisine, simple in its ingredients.

.. And in the evening, uniques wine goblets will shine in our table, memory of an island, rich of vineyards DOC, from Ansonica grapes to those of Aleatico'. Nicely, their flavour will accompany tasteful dishes.

Surprised and excited ... that is what we try to do every night, making several new and unique menu based on seasonal sea ingredients exclusively.

The combination of aromatic herbs from the Nipitella, Marjoram, Thyme and Oregano by Rosemary and Wild Fennel up to the intense smell of Basil will exalt and gently spice each dish, and combined with the daily use of our extra virgin olive oil biological..

it will color , scent and inebriate your senses.

On request, We welcome even who, although not a hotel guest, want to enjoy a culinary experience of a quiet evening lit by candlelights, and heated by the warmth of our atmosphere..

And your pleasures of the table will be our pleasure to create an atmosphere of conviviality and happy and relaxed company, in which even a glass of good wine will be an opportunity to be together smiling and appreciating our kitchen ..!

our cuisine hotel etrusco

...And just to leave You free from thoughts.. We'll prepare delicious Lunck Packets..
so that you'll be ready to go where your feelings will lead you to..