Paths the Paths

Some steps among the mountains and the sea..

Truck n.60: Truck n.°60: Starting from Cavo, exactly from a pinewood in Capo Castello. Arriving: Solana Alta.

Difficulty: EASY
Distance time: 1h,30m.
Prevailing interest: NATURAL LANDSCAPE***

This course is the beginning of the “Grande Traversata Elbana” (GTE), that starting from Cavo cross the whole island, from east to west, from north to south.

It has been defined during the years from an old and deserted road, going inside of the north-eastern coast, from Capo Vita until Monte Lentisco. Following the direction for Il Serrone, we can reach Cala Mandriola and Cala del Pisciatoio directly on the sea, or otherwise we can go all straight on for Solana Alta. From here we can have a beautiful sight of Cavo and Piombino’s harbour ( because of its short distance to the Continent), with its two little islands of Palamaiola and of Cerbioli.

*** The truck is ideal in particular for those persons that are really interested to the natural landscape of the Island, and of all its huge vegetation. A beautiful scenery can be admired from Capo Vita until Solana Alta.

From Solana Alta, starts the truck n.°61 GTE.

Truck n.°53Pp: Starting in the road that from Rio nell’Elba goes up to Volterraio. Ariving: Le Secche.

Difficulty: EASY-MEDIUM
Distance time: 2h
Suggested for: TREKKING, HORSING, MOUNTIAN-BIKE (difficult)
Prevailing interest: NATURAL LANDSCAPE***

This truck signed as Pp, means its primary importance for its natural and environment particularities.

It was born from an old mule-track, traced out by the old inhabitants of the village Rio, in order to reach the small centres of the west coast crossing the “la Croce Pass” (“ Il passo La Croce”), (342 m. high).
Reached it, crossing the truck n.°62 GTE, that comes up until the “Monte Capannello” (496 m. high), we will start to go down to the Nisporto valley until Le Secche.

***Following this truck, and arriving to the top of La Croce Pass, we could admire two beautiful and different sights: one of the mining and wild landscape of the eastern coast, and the other one of the green vegetation of the west background. Going down of this mule-track, we will cross a huge holm-oak valley, as a true testimony of this latest scenery.

Also this course, is right perfect for whom is really interested to the flora and the natural aspects of the environment, looking for a balance with the nature.

Truck n.°59Pp. : Starting from the road “La Parata” ( Cavo, Rio nell’Elba).
Arriving: Giove Mountain Tower (Torre del Monte Giove).

Difficulty: EASY
Distance time: 0,20 h
Suggested for: TREKKING

Through this truck we can reach the top of the Mountain Giove at 352 m. in a really short time.
Starting from the road La Parata, we go after in an opened green holm-oak wood until the top.
When we will be arrived to the top of the mountain, we could take a small old course, all around the tower, in order to observe and admire all the architectonic and historical characteristics of it.

*** This truck is very evocative by an historical and natural point of view: it leads you until the top of the Giove Mountian, where it’s possible to admire the Rio nell’Elba’s landscape and all the iron mines over Rio Marina.
It’s suggested also, to visit the ruins of the old Tower, well know also as “ the Giogo ‘s Fortress”, which has been built by the will of Giacomo III d’Aragona Appiano in the 1459, besieged and destroyed several times by pirate raids, and definitely demolished by the Spanish in the war for the possess of the Island.

… So have a nice time walking around the Island, to discover colours, scents, landscapes and history of all its villages..!!!!